We've hosted a seminar series where crowd researchers discussed their projects and exchanged ideas about the future of crowdsourcing. Check out the past recordings and subscribe to receive updates about upcoming events!
Dmitry Ustalov
host of the seminars
We've built a fantastic community at the Crowd Science Seminar series and had 19 excellent talks on topics spanning from computational humor and behavioral studies to quality control and applications to medicine. And this is just a tiny sample of what can be done using crowdsourcing. We are grateful to our speakers and looking forward to keeping in touch.
Galina Chikunova
project manager
I'm very excited to announce that we are developing a new format for our meetings right now! Spoiler: we will host a set of events about crowdsourcing in the medical domain. Join our Slack and mailing list to know all the news and to be able to contribute!

We also saved every piece of information about the past seminars. You can find the records and event pages below. Also, do not forget to visit our blog - there are a lot of treasures here!

Event pages